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Masterful Music Lessons

Receive the personal, detailed music lessons your child needs from Dracut Music Centre in Massachusetts. Our teachers help anyone with a desire to learn through friendly, careful instruction.  Online lessons are now available for all instruments!

Our professionals offer lessons for a variety of instruments, including:

• Guitar
• Bass Guitar
• Violin
• Viola
• Banjo
• Uke
• Piano
• Organ
• Drums
• Clarinet
• Flute
• Saxophone
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Music Theory
• Voice

A Lasting Commitment

Music lessons are a commitment for both the student and teacher. Consistency is the key to a successful music education. Not only does it help them learn the instrument, but music participation also enhances the following skills:

• Problem Solving
• Teamwork
• Goal Setting
• Self-Expression
• Coordination
• Memory Skills
• Self-Confidence & Esteem
• Concentration
• Poise

Practice Times

Music achievement requires effort over time. Your support is a crucial element in your child’s success with music study. You can help them succeed by doing the following:

• Providing a Quiet Place for Them to Practice
• Praising Your Child’s Efforts & Achievements
• Scheduling a Consistent Daily Time for Practice
• Remaining Nearby during Practice Times as Often as Possible


Affordable Learning

Classes are run on a daily basis year-round. Effective January 1, 2018, lessons are $95 per month. This is paid monthly on or before the first lesson of each month. For any student who wishes to pay weekly, the cost is $24 per lesson. There is also a $10 registration fee per student.

Any tuition received later than the first lesson of any month will be charged a $5 late fee per student. Payments are forfeited for any lesson not canceled or terminated with at least a 24-hour notice—no exceptions. In the event a teacher cannot teach any of the scheduled lessons, Dracut Music Centre will attempt to provide a substitute teacher.

Contact us to give your child the keys to musical success with our inspiring music lessons.